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Year 5 and Year 6 are a confident group of children who enjoy and embrace all of the challenges we set them in school. We strive to maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect where everyone feels safe, secure and happy in order to be able to express themselves fully.

We value the development of the whole child and children are encouraged to have high expectations of themselves. We encourage our pupils to develop as lifelong learners and young citizens of today.

The children enjoy cross-curricular learning opportunities which contextualise activities. Literacy is taught through the theme of a class topic (which changes each term), and ICT is evident in all curricular areas. We offer a creative curriculum where children are often encouraged to set their own learning goals and follow their own lines of inquiry. Following teacher collaboration the children decide upon a specific area of their topic that they would like to research into more deeply. They have the motivation, ability and confidence, to work independently or in pairs, to utilise various media in order to research, collate data and present to their peers.

Eagle Class Term 6 Timetable

Eagle Class Term 5 Timetable

Eagle Class Term 4 Timetable

Eagle Class Term 3 Timetable

Eagle Term 1 Timetable

Term 6 Overview – Evolution

Term 5 Overview – Spain

Term 3 Overview – Vikings

Term 1 and 2 Overview – Space

Long Term Overview B 2017-2018

Long Term Overview A 2016-2017


February 10, 2018