Comenius Trip

A group of Year 6 children from Shoscombe recently travelled to County Cork in Ireland to visit our Comenius partners at Gurraneasig National School. Mrs Hampton, Mrs Fossaceco and Mrs Horn went with the children. Our French partners from Ecole Lafon Feline were also visiting.
During the visit the children and staff spent time at the Irish school. On our arrival we were welcomed with a fantastic meal prepared by the parents. There was a tree planting ceremony and the Irish children entertained us with a song and a poem about growing. We were able to compare our different education systems, and also to see the environmentally friendly vegetable garden and greenhouse established by the pupils.

We also visited nearby places of historical interest such as the museum, town and port of Kinsale and Charlesfort. After a guided tour of the ruined fort we enjoyed a lovely walk along the coast.
Despite the cold weather the children also participated in a surfing lesson provided by a local surf school. Luckily all surfers were provided with wetsuits!
Mocca “I think that the trip to Ireland was a great opportunity, because we learned about another culture, made new friends and saw how different the lives of children in another country are compared to ours. The best thingwas how incredibly welcoming and kind the host families were, and how they really made us feel at home. It was a pleasure to stay with them, and I really hope I’ll be able to stay in touch and maybe visit them again”

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November 28, 2018