About The School

Shoscombe C.E.V.A. Primary School was founded in 1866 and over the years has been extended and improved to become a unique and attractive building which caters for the needs of the children in the local community. It is situated in picturesque surroundings which offer opportunities for environmental and local studies. The grounds are attractive, including varied play equipment, a sports pitch, a Quiet Garden and tarmacked area. All these areas are used for outdoor learning throughout the year.

Our children range in age from 4 to 11 and come from Shoscombe, Peasedown St John and other neighbouring villages. We have four classes, and each class has a part time teaching assistant to aid learning. The school has a hall with facilities for creating a stage for drama productions as well as being available for PE lessons. There is a library containing both fiction and non-fiction titles and where the children are encouraged to work both in groups and independently. Each classroom, the hall and the library have interactive whiteboards and all classrooms have visualisers. At lunch time, children can choose between a hot dinner and bringing in sandwiches.

We also have a small room separate from the main building which is known as ‘The Ink Room’. Here, adults will often work with small groups and peripatetic music teachers lead music lessons.

The school day commences at 08.45, although on three days a week the school organises a ‘Walking Bus’ from the village hall at 08.35. All pupils have a break in the morning, and Reception and Key Stage 1 children have a break in the afternoon. Lunch is from 12.00 – 13.00, where children can either have sandwiches or a hot school dinner.

The school runs a variety of extra-curriculum club, usually after school has finished at 15.20. We highly recommend that your child gets involved in these clubs: the more your child puts into school, the more they will get out.

Overall, we aim to provide a calm and nurturing environment where the children can all thrive and be happy.


February 10, 2018