Shoscombe School Election


Newly elected Chairman Neil Butters visited Shoscombe Church  School on Monday May 20th,  to make a very important announcement to all of the children regarding their new Prime Minister. Shoscombe is the first school, Councillor Butters has visited since being appointed chairman last Thursday.  While the year 6 children sat their SAT tests last week, the year 5’s where busy putting together manifestos, campaigning in the playground and presenting their ideas to all of the other classes. All of the children were involved in placing votes on Friday 17th May and these were counted by the outgoing Prime Minister, Abigail Craig Jones. As is sometimes the case in elections, the exit poll produced a different result to the election itself.


Neil Butters was very impressed with our election process and commented

“I think this is a great model in times when young people are becoming increasingly disinterested in politics.” He went on to say that ‘Shoscombe is a great school with a unique government.” The new Prime minister will be Amy Edwards who will take up her position in September but will spend the last few weeks of the Summer term shadowing Abby and her cabinet to see how they have been organising things this year. Amy’s Party promised, a fund raising package to purchase new play equipment, to provide fresh fruit smoothies at break time and an after school film Club which obviously appealed to many of the children voting.

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November 28, 2018